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December 8, 2017
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Lighting is a basic element in any house as it can also change the paint of your walls and fixtures and create the mood, appeal and tone of a place.

Do you have an idea that,

Which type of light is suitable your place??

Well, if you don’t know which type of light is prefect of your home and interiors.

Then go through this blog.

Here our expert are describing different types of lighting and their uses in different area like bathroom , bedroom and kitchen etc.

Three types of lighting for interiors

home lighting

Generally lighting can be divided into three main types:

  • General or Ambient lighting, which provides complete brightness for the room. It’s the foundation of lighting a room or any place, and generally contains of wall, ceiling or dipped lights.
  • Task or job lighting, which is used for any or particular jobs like reading, cooking, putting on makeup, working in the office or doing assignment or homework.
  • Accent lighting, which brings theatre & depth to an area by lighting important features like books, artwork, creative design or architectural features.

A well-designed room or house will have all three types of lighting.

1. Lighting needs in bathroom

bathroom light

Combine strong ambient lighting with task lighting. In the bathroom area mirror wants the main light from above and side.

2. Lighting requirements in kitchen

kitchen lighting

The kitchen has gradually become a central part of your home but a kitchen also needs sufficient lights for cooking so it’s important for illumination to be efficient as well as pretty.

LED bulbs or Fluorescent light are best choices for kitchen as kitchen lights is used for long periods so energy proficiency is essential.

3. Lighting requirements in Bedroom

bedroom lighting

Bedroom atmosphere is important. Beside with ceiling hanging light and table lamp are generally required. Also consider dimmer switches, mood lighting and cupboard lighting.

Note:-Use warm bedside lamp colors as they induce sleep and serotonin rise.

4.   Dining room lighting needs

Dining rooms are gradually used for several task, generally as an office space or homework table.

5.   Over lighting of interiors

hanging lighting

Over lighting is extreme better than the under lighting.

A good way to interchange each light tube in every room with a wonderful hanging light then add a task lamps at different heights. This will create a difference and establish a mood, visual influence.

do you think, you can add suitable lighting in your living area by yourself?

If yes, then that’s fine!!

But if you don’t, then don’t waste your time.

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