6 Dining Room Design Ideas by Expert Interior Designers

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June 19, 2018
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6 Dining Room Design Ideas by Expert Interior Designers

dining room design ideas

Dining rooms should be convivial, greeting and comfortable. It is a place to meet, to eat, to entertain friends & for families to spend time together. Have a dining room that will personify you & your lifestyle. If you are renovating or interior designing, here are some great dining room designing ideas by Interior Designers in Gurgaon to help you out;


  1. Lights & fixtures

Lighting of any place plays the main role in creating the perfect atmosphere for that particular spot. Proper lighting can make your area refreshing & invite while dim lights can create a perfectly cozy atmosphere for dining.


2. Space Efficient

Small dining rooms can still look expansive. The trick is smaller & simple furniture. Less bother & clutter. The bench seating, wide windows, and a small light fixture help the room look more spacious.


3. The Greenhouse

For the nature lovers, this greenhouse inspired dining room is perfect. Open brick walls for the rustic touch, skylights for natural lighting, wood floors & scrubbed tables. Bring in as several indoor plants as you want.


4. A Glass Table

A clear glass dining table is perfect for the modern & classy dining room. Clean, light & chic. White walls, sleek white chairs & candle pendant lights complete the classy interiors.


5. Wood & Grey

This room displays beauty in functionality. A simple dark grey light, mirrored wall, natural wood table & serving bar and dark grey rattan sculptural chairs.


6. Dining RoomTable Set

Dining table set is the main focus of any dining space & therefore it should be chosen in such a way that its complete element compliments the interior of that individual space.


Hope the above ideas can transform your dining room look more stylish, comfortable & spacious. If you are finding more ideas to design your modern dining room then no need to worry contact with Home Interior Designers at CoInDec.


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