19 Common Interior Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Interior Design of your home is not an easy task, mainly for first timers. There are so many common mistakes people make when it comes to designing their homes. So, here we are explaining the interior design mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

19 of the Most Common Interior Design Mistakes are:

  1. Selecting different design them for each room & spaces which only rise the cost of interior design.
  2. Selecting the color paint before purchasing furniture is big mistake that forces you in purchasing furniture you may not happy with.
  3. So many decorating items which just take extra space.
  4. Using too much color and contrast.
  5. Selecting wall colors & theme before selecting furnishings
  6. Not taking the right size of furniture before buying.
  7. Not taking a theme according to your living area which may give feels of too large or too small.
  8. Avoiding the significance & place of lighting.
  9. Not designing proper living space.
  10. Making compromises with quality.
  11. Wasting money on the items which have less importance & even lesser use.
  12. Wrong size of carpets & rugs, mainly those which are on display like sitting space.
  13. Wrong window treatment, while choosing drapes, & size of windows.
  14. Wrong location of memories and photographs.
  15. Using no individual pattern & design.
  16. Avoiding bathrooms while furnishing.
  17. Ignoring the reception and especially entrance area.
  18. Putting so many lighting, focuses on one area.
  19. Using plants & flowers without considering the place & their effect because every plant, trees has its own effect.

There are too many things you necessity to keep in your mind when designing your interior space. If you need some ideas to Design Home interiors then you should get in touch with a Interior Designing Company. Because the field experienced Interior Designers will give you best advice.

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