Top 5 Staircase Design Ideas for Your Small Home

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April 6, 2018
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When you live in a small house, the most important thing you want to have a big staircase. Stairs are just a simple element that connects one floor to another. Also, if stairs are designed smartly & beautifully, they add to the beauty of the home. There are a few tricks you can add a stairway to your home that takes up little area but make the place useful.

Here are some staircase design ideas are given by the expert Residential Interior Designers which will help to enhance your home space.

  1. Modern & circular stairs

The circularly shaped stairs are really great to look at. The great thing about them is that the attractiveness of each stair can be seen separately from all the angles. With suitable lighting, and the stairs look just amazing.

2. Invisible steps stairs for the sense of spaciousness

The invisible steps stairs have a great combination of color, clarity & shine. If you want ultimate style & smoothness for the design of your home, you can definitely think of this hidden style stair.

3. Ribbon staircase

A ribbon staircase is the best idea for a small home because it’s more vertical as compared to the traditional staircase; it still has large treads, & also creates an exclusive focal point in your home.

4. Narrow Staircase

This staircase has been located in a home corner or hallway that is almost hidden, along with the entry for easy access. It is very simple, with an empty structure where a small table & lamp can fit well.

5. Dark wooden staircase at the entrance

This is a beautiful staircase design. Wooden has special appeal & the simple wooden stairs add to the design of the place superbly. You can feel the warm landscape, which helps soft move from one place to another.


These easy and excellent stair design ideas will definitely help you at the time of designing stairway. And if you want to take more stair inspiration or information then you should get in touch with an Interior Designing Company in Gurgaon, CoInDec.


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