Vastu Rules For Residential Interior Designing That Must Be Followed

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Interior decoration is an art of ability that combines with creativity, attractive as well as effective that meets the customer objective. A developed and modern interior design of residential place always creates attention to home in functional and organized way.

On the other hand Vastu Shastra provides rules and prefect direction for interior decoration of the residential place. Vastu Shastra is not only Indian culture but it is a science of construction and architecture which almost every generation people follows.

Are you finding basic rules of Vastu Shastra for your interior designing??

Here we are describing some amazing Vastu Shastra rules for interior decoration that must be followed at every house.

Basic rules of Vastu Shastra for residential interior designing:

  • Kitchen location south-east corner
  • Master bedroom location south-west corner
  • Bathroom location north west corner of the room or north west corner of the room
  • Home entrance:- east is the best propitious way for the entrance of the home
  • Before starting your house construction Bhumi puja is necessary or important as the rule of Vastu Shastra
  • Light can be kept in the north or east side
  • Windows should be open east direction

1. Vastu Shastra guidelines for kitchen:


  • Basin location: North east corner
  • Direction for cooking: while cooking, perfectly face towards the east.
  • Refrigerator position: South-east, north, south or west location.
  • Flooring: Marble or ceramic type
  • Paint color: Red, yellow and orange
  • Kitchen door: Should be opened clockwise

2. Vastu Shastra guidelines for bathroom:


  •  Bath tub location should be north or east side
  • Clothes that must to be washed, kept in the north west corner
  • Paint color can be white or mixture of white and black color
  • Mirror direction north is the best
  • Bathroom door should be open east side
  • Sink location should be north or east
  • Window location can be east or north side

These all are the best Vastu rules for interior design and decoration used by many customers. And if you want to need more details about vastu Shastra rules for interior design then you should get in touch with an experienced interior designing company.

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